The System

The trajectile of students, these days take up student debt to goto colleges, the financial system is benefiting from this, they were trying to sell them insurance products so the insurance system was benefiting from that, they are then looking for them to find good jobs so that they can feel a bit wealthier so that they can get a mortgage to buy a house and once again the financial system is benefiting from that by selling them that mortgage through the fractional reserve and then they are destined to live the rest of their life in debt and MAYBE some financial advisor might come along and sell them some stocks and bonds or give them a mutual fund where the fund management made a whole lot of money, getting them just above inflation and just above surviving and eventually they might have had pension just above allowing them to survive if they didn’t end up in debt, that is their path and that is their future.

It is like the boiling frog, If you put a frog in boiling water it will jump out of it instantly, but If you put the frog in water and increase the temperature gradually the frog does not notice it.

-Simon Dixon

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