Car Driving

Life is like driving a car if you keep looking in rear view mirror you will miss what is ahead of you and you may crash don’t look back look ahead.
Occasionally looking at the mirror is essential, just like driving a car, these quick look-backs are like looking back into the past and not making the same mistakes.

We are who we are because of our past experience, in a way our past create a trajectory for our future. There are multiple exits on the highway, to take an exit and move to another trajectory one must carefully take a quick look at the rear view mirror change lanes and take the exit.

There is absolutely no other car around you that can force you to take the exit and change the trajectory for the better or worst without crashing themselves and you in the process. As a human being who has come alone on this earth and will leave alone, you are always free and it must be solely your decision to take the exit.

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