Happiness (Unedited)


At first, Happiness = Smiles – Frown.

Do the things that make you smile, goto events, go watch a movie, goto a concert, play jokes, and pranks. So how do you avoid frowns?

Don’t Ague, if someone disagrees with your way of thinking, just say they have their way of thinking, I have my way of thinking, we are both good people.
If my car gets scrapped, Fix it! Don’t let things get you upset, sort of not caring attitude.

Later the formula was modified to include entertainment such as rock concerts to include the fun element, the food which is the necessity of life, fun and friends.

So how can compute over that, how can we compute over happiness? If you were to look at the DSM. The Diagnostic service manual for psychology. psychiatrist we have got something on the order of 2000 different ways to describe depressions and there are 20 words to describe happiness in medical vocabulary (I dont know the number exactly but more than 75% of them are related to unhappiness) We have been focused in the wrong direction.

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