Motivation is the byproduct

Motivation is not the cause of action it’s the byproduct of action, there’s a lot of difference, if I think motivation is the cause of my action that I’m going to wait to be motivated before I do something but if I realize it’s the byproduct of my action that I’ll start doing something and then guess what motivation will come up and sappy and all of a sudden you feel good and you’re glad you’re doing it you’re saying wow this is truly wonderful so let it be the byproduct you like don’t let it be the foundation for the actions that you take.

Nothing comes to you until you commit yourself, nothing comes to you if you’re just going to try, but you’re not committed nothing comes to you if you’re just thinking about it.
It’s not until you take the action step, it’s not until you take the direction do the things start to flow through you but don’t cheat yourself out of the possibility of the potential that’s on the other side of commitment stay with it long enough to find out if there’s any fruit in it you can do goal-setting with a pencil but you have to do go-getting with your legs.You got to take action and it’s the action that separates us.

The greatest gap in this world is the gap between knowing and do knowing is goal-setting. Doing and that school achievement people that are knowledgeable about habits say that it takes 30 days for a habit to become a habit.
Now habits can be good and habits can be bad, so over a period of time you can either be developing habits that are going to help, habits that are going to hurt you. Great value of a good habit is you don’t have to think about. Once you began, over days and times and periods, begin to practice something as good, after a while it becomes automatic to you, it becomes who you are, it’s automatic. Every day you’ll do what you should do. Often there is a expression that, everything worthwhile is up to you, that’s a fact.

You’ve never heard someone talk about accidental achievements, you’ve never heard someone that got to the top of the mountain and somebody asked him how did you get there kind of look confused to say “I have no idea”. They know how they got there is because they had to walk all the way up the mountain. Nobody lifted them, there were no shortcuts, there’s not an elevator, there’s not an escalator. It’s all effort to get you to the top of the mountain. What we must understand is that inspiration does a lot better when it’s coupled with the perspiration.

There are a whole lot of people they want to be inspired in great things but they don’t want to do the hard work to achieve those great things. It’s not either/or it’s both and so I really trust today that you will just kind of roll up your sleeves look at something you haven’t tackled for a while, dive in you’ll be amazed that once after you do the work you get inspired don’t wait to get inspired before you do the work

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